Who Are We?

We are a mother and daughter named Jennifer and Caitlyn. Caitlyn is an enrolled member of the White Mountain Apache Tribe. We live in Utah, but maintain frequent contact with our family in the White Mountains and try to visit as often as possible.

About 10 years ago we began collecting pollen from the numerous patches of cattails that grow near our home. Caitlyn's grandmother, also a tribal member from Whiteriver, taught us how to collect it and remove the seeds. We would then travel to Whiteriver to sell our pollen.

We soon found that the demand for our pollen exceeded what we could gather ourselves. After carefully looking, we made connections with a woman on the West Coast who assists us in obtaining the pollen that we sell.
  •  The price of our pollen INCLUDES shipping and handling costs for orders being shipped within the United States. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: Individuals who need pollen shipped outside of the U.S. must place their order via email or phone to receive special instruction for payment and will have a shipping and handling fee added to the price of their pollen
  • You will receive the pollen you order in 1 to 2 weeks from time of ordering.
  • All pollen is carefully packaged to preserve and ensure freshness and quality.
**** DISCLAIMER:  We CANNOT guarantee that our 
pollen has not been exposed to pesticides or insecticides. If purchasing for culinary purposes, 
please take note of this!****

Please feel welcome to email, call, or text with questions. Please leave a message including your name and number if there is no answer.


You may also email us at:

Thank you for visiting our website,
~ Jennifer & Caitlyn